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Social Learning theory

For society to try to understand criminal behavior, there have been many theories of crime. These theories focus on the main question being, why do criminals commit crime? There are quite a few of these theories, but the one I find myself in most… Continue Reading “Social Learning theory”

My journey with Mental Health (the young & negative years)

My dad’s mother was a bipolar drug addict/alcoholic that developed schizophrenia in her later years. She died in her 50’s. My dads sister also developed schizophrenia, and she was the scariest sight of my childhood. My mother had amazingly, loving parents. Both were older… Continue Reading “My journey with Mental Health (the young & negative years)”

Welcome to my personal mental health blog!

It’s my first post, so go easy on me. Purpose & Inclusions: To share my personal struggles with mental health, as well as others. My coping strategies Parenting and Mental Health Setting out to help those who may feel alone. To embrace self-love by… Continue Reading “Welcome to my personal mental health blog!”